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  1. How has your time here been?

    We asked some of the international students how their time here has been.

  2. Why did you go to Karlstad?

    Every year hundreds of international students goes to Karlstad to study. Karlstads studenttidning has asked a couple of them: Why Karlstad?

  3. The ultimate guide to the most important things you should know

    A warm welcome to Sweden, Karlstad and to Karlstads University! Going abroad for one semester is both a new and exciting chapter in your life. Coming to Sweden there are problably a number of things that can seem to be quite odd for you as a exchange student at the very first sight. But do not be scared! Those things you will get used to during your stay here in Karlstad and in Sweden.

  1. “Go there and get the experience of a lifetime”

  2. ”Dare to love scary things”

  3. What are your reading preferences?

  4. Three different ways of reading


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