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Why did you go to Karlstad?

Every year hundreds of international students goes to Karlstad to study. Karlstads studenttidning has asked a couple of them: Why Karlstad?
Rachel Prokopius, The U.S.

– I have always really wanted to travel to Europe. I think this is a good place where I can communicate with people while still learning the language and get a different feel for a different style and culture.

Kikan Nelle, Germany

– I have been to Sweden before when traveling with my family, and I really liked the nature. In Germany there are so many people and you never have the forest by yourself, but in Värmland that’s not the case. You can just go outside running or hiking whenever you want.

Leo Lepiez, France

– I was told that Sweden had the best kind of education you could get in Europe. Also I have a friend who was here last year and he told me I had to go here because of the nice people and the great cohesion at Campus.

Miriam Pittroff, Germany

– I’ve met a Swedish girl when I was traveling in Vietnam. She told me about the education in Sweden and I though it was very interesting because it’s quite different from my hometown. I’ve also heard that Swedish people are very friendly and helpful.

Melanie Stjepanovic, Australia

– Because Sweden is an english speaking country and everyone here speaks amazing english. Therefore I can communicate with everyone without making a big effort. I’ve also heard a lot of great things from studying in Sweden.